Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mea Culpa

With the ITscout Blog, I have been guilty of a major faux pas by repeatedly crossing back and forth between it being: 1) a professional blog that focuses on issues related to IT architecture; and 2) a personal blog that indulges in political commentary.

I've rationalized that it's okay for me to do this because ITscout is, and always has been, my personal web site. ITscout is most definitely NOT my company's web site. (ITscout's content is simply made available at no charge for my company's customers.)

Also, the size of the ITscout Blog readership is quite small. I feel that provides me tremendous freedom. Rather than worrying about why more people aren't caring about what I have to say, I simply write my web log as a personal journal.

Perhaps someday I'll seperate my commentary between two different blogs. But for right now, I plan to continue writing on topics that may, or may not, be business related.


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