Friday, February 24, 2006

Why Have an Architecture Repository?

If you're an enterprise architect, I think the first two questions you need to ask yourself are: what information would you like to communicate; and who's the audience you'd like to present that information to?

I can't imagine that the primary purpose of an architecture repository is for the people who build it. It's got to be about those who are going to use it. What's critical is getting the right information to the right people in the right way.

From the architect's perspective, the benefit of creating a repository ought to be reaping the rewards for having captured, collected, collated, and categorized data. That starts by helping architects communicate out to the different audiences they're trying to reach so that those people can better communicate back in how well, how accurate, and how useful the information in the repository is.


Anonymous Thanigai Ranganathan said...

Good questions being asked. It helps to know who and how the architecture repository will be used. One important use is "analysis". The kind of analysis could be -
- Impact of replacing one technology with another
- Impact of adding a new technology in the current landscape
- Is there a redundant technology (more than one technology being used, to do the same thing)? Can we standardize on some technologies?
- How pervasive is one particular technology? Is a technology being optimally utilized by the enterprise? Is there a technology that can be shared with another part of the enterprise?

And so on. The list is end less. It boils down to the situation in an enterprise. But, asking oneself this question does help in structuring the information in the repository so that it can be easily and optimally used.

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