Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Boast Full of Pride

I am prideful. I am proud of the work that's been done on the Architecture 'Resources' Repository. I am especially pleased with the definition of architecture as a bridge that connects between business and technology.


Further, I particularly like the extension of the analogy into a metaphorical description of architecture as 3 rope-like bridges where each rope is comprised of three intertwined strands corresponding to 1) modeling, 2) documenting, and 3) communicating; and the reason for three bridges, to differentiate among 1) enterprise architecture, 2) software architecture, and 3) cross-domain architectures (e.g., security architecture, network architecture).

I am proud of the quality, quantity, and objectivity of content contained in the Architecture 'Resources' Repository. I feel that serving as gatekeeper for the clearinghouse eliminates the kind of problems that have recently occurred in several Wikipedia scandals.

I am extremely proud of ITscout and its four models for describing technology portfolios. Trying to maintain the content inside ITscout is a Herculean task -- albeit one I've not been all that good at doing well. Nevertheless, the immense volume of information contained there is chock full of links to some fantastic content. Moreover, a visitor is never more than a single click away from a context-sensitive Google search.

Finally, I can't even begin to express the amount of pride I have in the team of people I work with everyday at Flashmap Systems. The buttons on my shirt start popping as soon as I think about how my colleagues have helped our FlashAtlas customers communicate their enterprise architectures. Our list of customers read like a Who's Who of Fortune or Forbes companies.


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