Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Best A Man Can Get

I remember watching Saturday Night Live about 30 years ago, back around 1975, when a very funny parody commercial came on touting a revolutionary new Gillette razor that had three blades instead of the two on the then new Trac II. Supposedly, the first blade pulled the whisker away from the face, the second pulled it further, and the third blade chopped it off. The tag line was something like "Trac III -- the razor for people who will believe anything." Well, of course, nowadays Gillette's Mach3 with its three blade cartridges is the most successful razor ever.

Scroll forward to 2004, after Schick had introduced its Quattro four-blade razor, and The Onion, a hilariously funny satire e-zine, ran an article allegedly written by James M. Kilts, CEO and President of Gillette, promising the development of a new five blade razor. Well, sure enough, yesterday Gillette introduced Fusion featuring a five-blade shade.

Life imitating art imitating life...


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