Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Architecture Is a Very Hard Sell

For the most part architecture is viewed as a cost because it is a cost. It's money you have to spend to do something you'd rather not do.

Architecture addresses problems that emerge because of deeply flawed organizations beset by poor management, siloed cultures, and inadequate communication. Unfortunately, like America herself, way too many businesses have not been investing in infrastructure, have not been investing in research and development, and have not been investing in education. Ultimately, this lack of investment will lead to failure. This is as true for businesses as it is for America.

What architecture provides is a way for business leaders to think about, and talk about, IT. It literally bridges the gap between IT and the business.

Why spend money on architecture? Because IT needs to model and document:
  • business processes
  • business objects
  • business solutions
  • technology investments
Architecture is money well spent if it can provide business leaders with a better way to think about, and talk about, IT.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I disagree. architecture issues are not just because of deep flaws or poor management. It is also because the industry and business changes all the time. Companies merge, companies acquire other companies. Companies need to respond to new developments, they need to grow. Architecture is a necessity, and architecture issues is a fact of life. Sort of like you are constantly changing, improving, fixing your home, you are constantly changing, improving and fixing your architecture. It is because of this, that companies need a simple tool to assist them in communicating the most current status of their architecture in as simple a way possible.

I agree, architecture is a very hard sell. However, it is not because of the reasons you describe.

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