Monday, August 14, 2006

Business Benefits of Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture provides a holistic view that enables business managers to see how and where their own individual needs fit into larger overall organizational objectives.

Without Enterprise Architecture, business managers are forced to work within a very limited context that often leads to stovepiped, or siloed, technology solutions.

Reducing redundancy by leveraging existing capabilities allows business managers to make better informed decisions. This inevitably leads to improved performance through cost-cutting and accelerated delivery of new solutions.


Anonymous Robert Pearson said...

Would EA and/or Flashmap Systems help prevent Vendor Lock In as described by Dave Hitz of NetApp and Mike Linett of Zerowait?

Mike has an interesting post about this on his Blog:
From Mike's post:
Dave Hitz of NetApp considers Lock In to be a natural state of things with a fast evolving technology.

"The root cause of vendor lock-in is lack of standards and interoperability. Standards don't tend to emerge when innovation is fast. And innovation tends to be fast whenever customers have unsolved problems that make them unhappy. In the storage industry today, I see unhappy customers driving lots of innovation that makes it hard for standards to keep up. I predict that this cycle of unhappiness and innovation will continue for a while, because the problem keeps getting harder: installed storage capacity keeps doubling, and data keeps getting more business critical."

Excerpt is from

It looks to me like if you could deploy Flashmap Systems quickly and apply it quickly to innovations it would be a life saver!
Can this be done?

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