Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Simplifying EA

The following excerpt comes from an article I authored awhile back entitled Rows and Columns: Codd vs. Zachman.

EA, as it’s practiced today, is excruciatingly complex -- totally the opposite of relational’s remarkable simplicity. This painstaking complexity makes EA almost unapproachable. It reminds me of the old Maine farmer who, when asked for directions by the city slicker, responds (in a heavy down east accent) "you can’t get there from here."

Organizations need to find a better way to get started with EA. The first thing a building architect does before designing a new home is to look at the "terrain" on which the structure will be situated. For EA, IT should do the same. Look at past technology investments. Define which characteristics of the existing terrain you want to keep, what you need to change, what should be discarded, and what needs to be developed. This topographical mapping of your terrain is the foundational blueprint that serves as the groundwork for all future EA initiatives.


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